Big Thanks for the support of #TheJeffAdamsShow

Final Promos - Jeff Adams (14 of 16)Final Promos - Jeff Adams (14 of 16)

Big Thank You to all the old and new listeners of the #TheJeffAdamsShow. This show has taken different forms over the years from the content and the co-hosts side.

This morning I woke up to three positive messages on the show. I love when a longtime or new listener reaches out to me it just makes my day! The fine folks that said hello to me this morning listen to the program and don’t watch the program.

My whole goal with this program is to make you feel like your in the room with us when you watch or listen. It’s just some odd ball talk about life, relationships, entertainment news, and comedy. The world is heavy right now and so serious. Let’s laugh a little!

Big shout out to all the new and old listeners thank you for the ongoing support! Please reach out too it’s always great to hear from you!

Since the relaunch the numbers are fantastic! The live views,the Podcast downloads, and the live audio feed we have had 58,000 listens and views Thank you!! To this date we have over 1.5 million downloads with live video audio views. Not too shabby in a five year run with this show. We have taken breaks from time to time as well.Hopefully never again! Consistency is always the key!
So Thank you so much!

I want to thank all the people present and past for being part for being a co-host or producer on the show. Erik Guzman, Stephen Heywood, Randy Borden, Kris Kruz, Nicole Welch, Denny Krahe, Hank Taylor.

To new cast thank you! Rosie Maria Cafarelli, Jackie Victoria and Ryan Hoppe.

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