About us

Jeff Adams is Online Broadcasting veteran aimed at improving live shows and podcasts with new creative vision! Tune in for live broadcastings!

Jeff Adams Creative Executive

Jeff Adams is an individual who has devoted the last 24 years of his life to Entertainment Industry, and more recently to internet broadcasting. He has developed a broad base of knowledge in many areas, as is evidenced below with the various positions he has held.

Skills include:

  • Technical Engineering for Broadcasting
  • Hosting Weekly Internet Broadcast Show
  • Coordinating Show Content
  • Producing/Directing
  • Editing
  • Building Broadcast Backdrops/Sets
  • Developing Apps
  • Managing artists/Negotiating label deals
  • Developing record labels
  • A&R
  • Marketing talent
  • Writing and Producing
  • Speaking to medium/large crowds
  • Relationship-building/Industry Networking
  • Promoting concerts
  • Hosting radio programming
  • Hosting video programming
  • Judging/evaluating talent
  • Building back end Technology for Broadcasting